Friday, May 27, 2016

Back To The Grind...

Maybe literally, depending on who or what I may be grinding on lol.  So I know it's been a really long time.  It's been busy, hectic, every adjective you can imagine to put in there for I can't handle all the shit life has thrown at me.  Obviously I sold the house and moved months ago.  Like almost half a year now.  And as much as I love my new place and am glad to be away from the poison that was my old dwelling, this house is no more affordable and is not being kept any cleaner.  That's what happens when you live in a world that no one thinks they have to work or clean up after themselves or their child/ren.

My granddaughter is over a year old now.  My baby is going to be five in just a few short weeks and my mother is still here.  Lingering like the shit demon she has become.  I would love to put her in a nursing home and people ask us ALL THE TIME why we haven't done that yet.  We are trying to.  Desperately.  But no one will take her.

We recently had a bout with what was basically just a run of the mill urinary tract infection.  It snowballed into such a bullshit party that we were told by the paramedics and fire department that the next time we call 911 it better be a fucking emergency or we're going to get fined and possible jail time for abuse of the emergency services system.  Let me backtrack for you and tell you the whole story.  This is added to the list of "sounds like she probably made this up" but I didn't because I'm tellin ya, if I had that good of an imagination I'd be writing novels, not blogging a few times a year (though I really want it to be once a day or so lol) and making JK Rowling money.

One morning we got up to my mother being her normal cranky self, but she says she's thrown up on herself.  We don't find vomit, but it looks like she's poured water on herself so my husband gives her a emesis basin and changes her shirt and starts getting her morning meds ready and going about his routine.  He hears her coughing and watches her literally work up some phlegm to spit on herself and she does, all the while making gagging noises and calls for him telling him she's thrown up again.  At this point I tell him that if she's puking on herself she needs to go to the dr because we are not equipped to deal with that kind of shit.  She hears me and goes about fake puking on herself and that ends up in call number one to 911.  Because that is what we were told to do by here primary care doctor.  Keep in mind we drive a mini van but it is not wheelchair equipped.

They have her in the ER for all of about 15 hours and most of that length of time is because she was refusing to give them a urine sample.  Diagnosis?  Urinary tract infection, home with antibiotics.  While in the ER she had been very demanding and told them they were required to give her IV morphine (they did not), something for anxiety (they did not), and they needed to admit her (they did not).  Because she did not get any of the things she wanted, she pulled her colostomy bag off and threw it at a nurse.

Twelve days later we get up and she's acting totally out of it.  Like she has no fucking clue who we are.  Tells me she never had a daughter, that she only had sons and that she has no idea who I am but I'm a pretty lady and will I get her a pain pill because she just hurts.  I should have known right then that it was what it was.  It was all about the high.  It has been my whole life.  Again, we called her doctor who says hang up and call 911 she may have had another stroke.  At no point does anyone say anything about a UTI causing confusion in elderly patients.  But I make a post on my Facebook about it and get told by my niece the nursing student that this is super common.  In elderly patients.  Keep in mind my mom is 64.  Not what is considered elderly. some point in the ER she had heard someone discussing elderly patients having confusion with UTI and she tucked that away in her head for later use.  This is a big deal why?  Because I'm being told that this is common, that I should have known this, and I'm being treated like a fucking idiot because I didn't.  Do people forget who this person is?  Do people forget this is the person who has been marked as a drug seeker for 20 years?  The same "mother" that had me working 2 jobs at 17 to make sure we had enough money for her habits AND the electricity?  Come the fuck on.  Not only was she faking the whole fucking "confusion" bullshit anyway, she's not even in the age bracket or severity of UTI to have had any "confusion" because of it.  And I really am at a point with some of it that I wish people would try to remember that if they don't live with the person, they don't know what's going on.

Moving on.  They did a CT scan and a MRI and turns out she hadn't had another stroke, she doesn't have Alzheimer's no organic brain disease, no dementia, no nothing.  But that second 911 call, they told us it was a reaction to the original antibiotic, prescribed another and sent her home in less than 2 hours.  Because she was fucking awful again.

Then comes call number three to 911.  This time they aren't very friendly.  And they don't want to take her but we insist.  The hospital doesn't want to take her, but they do and this time at our insistence they do finally do the CT scan and MRI that makes the discovery that she's just a big fat faker.  The kept her there for a couple days only because at that point we said fine....we give up, put her in a nursing home.  They said ok, but worst case scenario can you take her back home until we find one.  And by the way she'll be on IV antibiotics for 10 days.  I said ok not thinking that'd happen.  Of course it did.  Then they tell me she has MRSA too.  So home she comes on an IV with MRSA.  Or so we think.

Three days in she rips her IV port out and has to get rushed off to urgent care because the ER does not want her back and we have been told DO NOT CALL 911 unless someone is dying.  They test her for a UTI and MRSA and guess what folks?  SHE DOES NOT HAVE EITHER.  So that whole she's acting out of it because she has a UTI?  Totally fucking fake as shit because by the time she pulled that rabbit out of her hat her UTI was gone.  She waited too long to fake that one and have it pan out.  So it wasn't a UTI at all.

I'm never going to know if something really happens or if she's really sick because she fakes so much when she really is sick I'm going to just think she's faking something else.  Also, she threw a colostomy bag full of her own feces at me on Mother's Day.  So if anyone can top that for a shitty mother's day I'll be glad to hear it but I bet they can't.  Your own mother throwing shit at you on purpose just to be mean and spiteful on Mother's Day?  There's gotta be some kind of prize for that right?

Until next time...