Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reviews reviews reviews...

Yeah, so I need to do a bunch of them.  I'm thinking I'm gonna cram them all into one or something, but that would be unfair to my one reader, I don't think that person gives a flying fuck at a rolling rats rear about bic 4 color pens or madjool dates, let alone the fish oil shit I pawned off on my daughter.  But, what I am gonna do is try to get a few keyword hits for my wonderful home made diy crap.  Evidently, I'd be rude to not give credit to google for looking up the recipes on other sites and in all due credit, these recipes are not my own, but the effort sure as shit is.

Washing soda.  That shit is hard to find.  Did you know you can just put baking soda on a cookie sheet in the oven while you go about your afternoon and it'll turn into the same thing?  Well, I didn't either until I googled it.  Then I did it and I had all the ingredients I needed to make the home made things I'll list below.

Laundry Powder...
One bar Fels Naptha
Two cups borax
Two cups washing soda

grind up in the food processor and use 1 to 3 tablespoons per load (not to be used on cloth diapers)

Liquid Laundry Soap (no grate variety)
Three Tablespoons BLUE Dawn (yes, it must be blue dawn)
Two Tablespoons borax
Two Tablespoons washing soda

Mix in large bottle with warm water and use 1/3 cup per load of diapers (or other laundry I'm sure but I didn't use it for that)

Dishwasher Detergent
One cup borax
One cup washing soda
One cup salt
6 Packets Orange Koolaid (unsweetened)

Mix in a large jar, use 2 tablespoons per load and fill rinse aid dispenser with white vinegar

OK, so, I should have probably taken pictures but I have the flu and I lost my blackberry in my room somewhere this week, or rather, the baby did.  But I swear I really did make all these things.  If I can do it, even you can.  I even did it AND made dinner.  That's a whole other story, we made taco shells with flat bottoms in the oven on the rack, and  for future reference, use tongs.  That is all.

Until next time....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's already been a long year...

We're only 20 days in and I feel like it's been 3 months already.  I'm sick again, the holidays and everything else that's gone on in my little bubble has stressed my poor body out to the max and my ticker's gone haywire again.  I had a defib right before xmas that was caused by a really severe a-fib and now I'm in full blown acute failure with lowered kidney and liver functions.  My mind is a wreck and my body is quickly following suit.  I'm also down to a weight I haven't seen since before I became a mother (when I snorted my lunch most days) and no one is quite sure why.  So yeah, Happy fucking New Year right? 

Onward and upward, my perfect baby turned 7 last week.  I was reminded that while I was wrestling my 18 month old hellion that he really WAS a perfect baby.  Quiet and calm and never got into anything.  He's making up for lost time with his sound effects and rude mouth, but that's ok, all 7 year olds are a little mouthy!

I did end up keeping one of Big Bear's puppies, her name is "Tink" as in short for tinkerbelle, but she's no belle, so it's just Tink.  Here's a couple pics of her :)

She was the runt of the litter, and she's the one that Bear had bitten the cord at the base (because the placenta was stuck inside her and Tink's head was wrapped in sac and needed to be broken to breathe) so my daughter and I had to save her from bleeding to death.  The pups were very easy to get rid of, they were extremely cute and Tink is pretty smart.  She is already potty trained and even though it's to puddle pads, she asks to go outside with the other dogs when they go.  I know I didn't need any more pets, but I love the little shit, so I got to keep her.

A great friend of mine opened a site with some hand made jewelry on it, I've added a link up top of the blog for people interested, I'll also put a link in the next few blogs.  She's got some really great stuff, I want it all but I'm broke as fuck (as always) so I think my guardian angel/bff/sounding board/all around best person I know is going to unsurprise me for valentine's day with a few pieces.  I'm pretty excited about that, even though my hubby loves me, I haven't gotten a v day gift in years and years.  So here is a link to her site Sea Island Treasures please show her some love and at least take a look at her stuff.

Ok, so I'm also gonna go ahead and give a shout out to Infant Advil Suspended Formula.  That shit is the bomb.  Memphis is a teething monster, and every time he goes to cut a tooth he's a butthole so we used almost a whole bottle of it over the course of a month while he was cutting his molars.  It works great, within like 10 minutes, it's also great tasting, no complaints from him.  I tasted it, as did daddy and we both couldn't find any after taste like with the other brands.  It lasted on average about 10 hours, which is about 2 hours more than the package states.  Will I buy it next time?  You bet I will.  The fact that I have 10 $2 off coupons is part of it, but mostly it's because it JUST WORKS.  When you have a kid in pain, you need something that works and works fast. 

On that, I'm going to leave you with my little video that I coerced of him talking.  I never get good video of him talking and I was glad to get a little bit, but in reality, he speaks much better and a LOT more than you see here. 

Until next time...