Friday, November 4, 2016

Since You Asked...

I know, sometimes my titles make no sense to the average person.  I'm pretty sure any of you that have been here more than once have discovered I'm not the average person.  Here again is your friendly warning that you clicked yourself in here, if you're offended you're welcome to leave.  You're also welcome not to return.  You're also welcome to know I give zero fucks if I offend most people.  So continue at your own risk.

Ever hear some rumors about yourself and they make no sense?  Or have a mean girls moment and walk into a room and everyone shuts up?  Or overhear a conversation about yourself and know damn well it's not true?  Well, I have that happen a lot.  It's ok, I'm pretty secure in who and what I am.  You don't get to be where I am in life and not be.  The funny thing is, the imagination some people have is astounding.  And I'm not anywhere near sure how I would be at all interesting enough to be a topic of gossip at this point in my life.  Maybe the people I'm around, but me?  What in the actual fuck.

People are so fuckin strange.  What would make anyone care that much about someone else's life that they would even bother?  It seems though, like I'm a magnet for that kind of strange behavior.  So, if that's your agenda with me, you're very welcome to ask for details about my life.  As you can see, I'm pretty open about what's going on.  And it truly is a very interesting story to listen to (even the truest version of it, with no lies thrown into it, no exaggerations and no assumptions).  And I'm happy to tell it because some of the things I've learned in the life I've led will help other people not make the same mistakes I have so many times over. 

You need do nothing more than ask.  The reality is, I'll tell a lot of people a lot of things if they just ask me.  But if you just assume you know what's going on by social media posts or by what you've heard then you're gonna be in for one hell of a surprise when you discover how boring the truth is by comparison than your imaginative versions.  I may be an asshole but I'm one of the nicest assholes you're ever going to meet ;)

Until next time...