Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So I must apologize for my lack of posting!  It's been a long week, lol.  My daughter turned 18, and I got the pleasure (sarcasm) of discovering that my lovely ex, her sperm donor petitioned the state to cease her support.  Even though she's 18, she still lives at home and has not finished high school.  Normally, support would be continued if the child was still in school, but he petitioned out of it.  Top that off with the fact that he didn't pay last weeks support or the week before and she is pissed.  She feels like he was just itching to get rid of his obligation.  Poor kid.  It's a good thing she's got her real dad here to make up for it. 

I also had a massive cervical spine migraine that lasted 3 days, that shit was tons of fun.  It's pretty much subsided with just a few symptoms hanging on.  Unfortunately there is nothing besides drugs to be done.  I like drugs :) 

Moving on, and speaking of moving, we've got some of the house ready and a ton left to do but it's all coming together.  My wonderful sis in law is gonna come help us this week and I'm excited!  We don't get to hang out nearly enough and her daughter is about the best helper and influence on my girl I just love the shit outta them both!

I tried to get some pics of the recent eclipse but my camera sucks ass so here's just a pic of the sun lol

Well, I'm in a really pissy mood so I think I'll close for now, but hopefully I'll get my head on straight and deal with things better tomorrow and post then.  Until next time...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Raven...

"Once upon a midnight dreary,
While I pondered weak and weary,
O'er a many quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore..."

Edgar Allen Poe is one of my favorite poets, so that's going by memory (gods forbid without google!) forgive me if it failed by a few words.

When I moved into this house, barely over a year ago, I was shocked by the amount of ravens in the neighborhood.  It doesn't bother me, I love animals.  Then one morning when my Bear dog was still just a pup of a thing she went about nuts barking at something.  It was a fledgling raven that  had fallen from a nest in my giant pine tree in my backyard.  We took a broom handle and put it back in the branches and that was that.  That same raven still visits us, and sits in the tree in the front when it's quiet.

Three days ago, we noticed another baby raven.  This one's a bit younger, a bit less ready to  have left it's nest, but there it was on the ground.  I don't like to touch them because I'm kind of a germaphobe, so I grabbed the broom and put him on the roof.  A couple hours later, the damn thing was back in my yard.  So this time, I put it in the front yard on the tree.  Shortly after that, it was BACK!  So we left it alone.  I have three dogs, one of which loves to eat birds, so we had to make sure that the bird was safe from Lady.  I put it in the side yard where the pooches can't go and thought it would find it's way back.

All the while, it's parents are screaming at us, and throwing pine cones and sticks and everything they can get their beaks on to throw.  Eventually, I went back out and gave it some water.  We've been watching the dogs so they'll leave it alone and I think it's parents realize we mean no harm.  Every time I remove it from my yard it just comes right back! 

I managed to snap a pic of the little fella :)

 I was woken up this morning by this guy standing under my bedroom window squawking.  His parents were no where to be seen, so I chopped up a hard boiled egg and gave it to him.  He loved it, and a couple hours later I saw his parents on the ground with him feeding him too.  Finally!  It took me going out and feeding it before they would.  For smart birds, they sure are stupid.

So, that is my adventure with the raven.  We'll see how soon it leaves or if it does.  I'm sure it'll be able to fly soon, and I assume they keep bringing it back here because my yard is safe.  I also wonder if one of the parents is the fledgling we saved last year.  It'd be pretty cool if it was!

Until next time...

Friday, May 18, 2012

I am Lois...

If you got here from facebook, you already know I am Lois right?  Let me explain.  I'm semi obsessed with the tv show Family Guy.  Way back when, my little family WAS family guy!  I was Lois, my husband was Peter, and we had Meg, Chris and Stewie.

I am Lois the screen name was born from that.  I was honestly a little surprised when facebook let me change my official name on my personal page to Lois Griffin.  So, when you see me on other sites with the name Lois, it's just an alter ego if you will.  My real name is kind of unusual, so I rather enjoy having a "normal" name.

Moving on :)  I have a lovely silly pic of my very pregnant Bear dog.  We think she's due the first of June or so.  Her babies have been kicking up a storm lately and Max thought it was pretty cool.

On an entirely different subject, I caught a picture of Memphis taking a few steps.  I wasn't quick enough to get it on video, but I still wanted to share it here!

It's also official, we're moving over to what we're now calling the family house.  My mom feels like it isn't really "hers" if we're all going to be living there, it's the family's.  We really are all we've got left.  I do have an uncle, but I am sure once we move over there he'll go right back to being rather non existent.  Other than that I have no other family on my mom's side left.  We'll be there in the next month.  In the long run it'll save us all kinds of money, and it takes the pressure off of my mom to pay the bills.  We don't have much money, but with only one house full of utilities to pay for and no landlord to deal with we can swing it no problem.  So I guess, it's gonna take the pressure off of me too.

Well, I'm being summoned yet again for boobies, so I'm going to sign off for now!  Until next time...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What it's really like...

First things first, let me say that I apologize to anyone that feels that monetized blogs are bad and not to be taken seriously.  My previous blogging forum did not offer that option and I didn't realize that doing that would make people view this blog as anything but what it is.  I truly was not out to get rich, I don't even know the password to my AdSense account, I just thought if it was monetized I might get more readers.  Ok, done with that part.

What is it REALLY like to breastfeed a toddler?  Well, mr peanuts is not quite a year yet, but I guess he's less of an infant and more of a toddler at this point since he does walk (almost always holding on to something but not because he really needs to, just because that's what young early walkers do).  He's a climber.  He dislikes most baby food and tends to puke up most adult food still.  He has a few things he really likes but he gets so damn gassy!  So, he still at 10 months old nurses about a dozen times a day.  Yeah, you read that right, about every 2 hours all day and all night, just like a newborn.  I don't mind it at all with the exception of the pop offs.  Makes it hard to nurse in public.  I wanted to share this little video with you guys.

This is what it's REALLY like to breastfeed a toddler :)  Or at least MY toddler.  I could be way off and Memphis is just a high energy toddler but I seem to remember Maxwell being the same way.  So suck that Time magazine toddler on a chair picture LOL.  I love that I have this on video and I apologize for the quality of it, but I just had to share it.

Mamatography starts on Monday, so I'm getting my shit together for that.  I do believe we're moving into my mom's house in the next month or so because she just can't live alone and it makes more sense to do it that way.  That will give a ton of things to show you in the future!  Until next time...

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Yeah, I went there, I all capped that shit AND I used a buttload of punctuation :) But yeah, so uh, happy mother's day.  I'll tell you about mine.

I was up at 3 am listening to the barking fucking chihuahua next door.  Little shit woke the baby up because my dogs couldn't help themselves but to bark back and well, Bear is quite loud.  So R comes wanting to know if I want a "back rub".  I'd guess most of you know what that means.  No honey, my tit is busy soothing mr peanuts back to sleep, sex is the last thing on my mind.  Eventually, after several rounds of twinkle twinkle I got to go back to sleep.

At 7 (normal wake up for mr peanuts is about 8) we're up again.  Raring to go, peanuts climbs on top of me and proceeds to puke all over my shirt.  At least it wasn't on the bed.  I change and we head out to the rest of the house to start the day.  I got the big boys up, Mik (the oldest and only girl) was at my mom's so she probably got to sleep, but I digress.  Of course there was some cat shit on the rug in front of the cat box because my oldest son's cat is gross.  Honestly, I'm a little surprised a dog didn't eat it, the love cat shit.  The coffee pot wasn't ready and the sink was full of dishes so I made a cup of instant and went to watch SNL on hulu.

A couple hours go by and I haven't yelled at anyone yet (shocking I know).  But the thing was, my  mom was coming at what was supposed to be noon.  Noon came and went and I didn't even have the frittata in!  We did get it cleaned up eventually though.  Kind of.

R went off to the store, to pick up the asparagus and some milk and Morgen and I got the pasta salad made and a few other things done.  Mr peanuts was highly uncooperative and refused to let me put him down.  That was ok with me though, it made me take breaks and keep myself from getting too worn out too fast.

Finally, we got my mom over here, and peanut had fallen asleep.  He heard his Nana and was up pretty damn quick though.  He's not super friendly with people.  He actually has a pretty severe case of separation anxiety, although the pediatrician says that's a good thing.  It surprised me that my son who didn't even meet his Nana until he was damn near 6 months old, goes straight to her every time.  He loves the shit out of her.   So she got to hold him right away.  She also got to meet 2 of my 3 dogs she'd never met before. 

While she was here, it was nice.  This was only the second time my mom's been to my house.  It was nice, she didn't have a care one.  She loved the food, she loved being around the kids and all the dogs.  She loved my little Rocco dog, it was fun.  Best of all, mr peanuts called her Nana and meant it.  He knew exactly what to call that lady!  It was too cute.

R just got home from taking her home also, so she stayed for longer than normal.  I'm still waiting to see if I get that "back rub" tonight though, lol. 

What started out to be a kind of crap ass day turned into a really good one.  It was awesome to just relax and not worry about much.  I'm exhausted though, and I know that I will pay for this day for the next week, but it was oh so worth it. 

I'm going to start mamatography next week, so look forward to that, and I want very much to share my little garden with the world so that'll be I'm sure part of it.  On that note, I'm off for tonight.  Until next time...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

You bet your ass I'm mom enough...

The Time cover is all over the net lately.  I was really inspired by the whole thing.  WTF though with the "are you mom enough" shit?  I've had 4 kids, 3 of which I was able to breastfeed and the one I couldn't I pumped for 4 months until I went back to work and my boobs couldn't keep up.  My oldest, I had zero support, and when I was constantly being told I was starving her to death, I caved and switched to formula.  But that was after 5 months of nothing but boobs.  So anyway, at some point today I WILL be taking a picture like that cover, and I will be posting it for all to see.

***Edit to add this pic, this is the closest thing I've gotten so far and it's really not very close, but funny none the less***

I really enjoy the fact that I can nurse my babies.  When my oldest son was born, we'd had no idea he would have a cleft lip/palate.  It was such a shock and it spiraled me into a depression that I was not able to hold him and nurse him.  But I was mom enough to pump for him, then I was mom enough to realize he needed more.  Then, I was mom enough to give him formula so he didn't starve.  It irritates me that ANYONE would assume that a formula feeding mother ISN'T mom enough for anything!

I fully intended to nurse son #2 for as long as he wanted though, in an attempt to make up for what I had felt I'd slighted my oldest son.  Maxwell nursed until he was 21 months old, and only weaned because I was misguided in the thought that you cannot nurse when on beta blockers and ace inhibitors.  He was heartbroken, I was heartbroken, he didn't understand why he couldn't have his boobies anymore.  At that point I was pretty sure I wasn't going to have any more babies ever so I really was crushed.

Having Memphis changed everything for me.  I turned into this weird lactivist that started posting breastfeeding pics on facebook.  I became less ashamed of my desire to nurse and nurse for years.  When I found out how sick I really was, the idea of giving it up crushed me again.  R was again helpless, he couldn't fix it for me.  As it turned out, Memphis was having no part of the damn formula anyway and after a couple days of donor milk totally refuses a bottle now.  He will drink from a cup though.

After the initial struggles with breastfeeding and now being at 10 months and he talks and lets me know he really wants his boobies, I don't foresee giving it up anytime soon.  When I showed R the Time cover, he was a tad grossed out because of the age of the child so I asked him what he'll do when Memphis is almost 4 if he's still nursing.  His response surprised me.  He told me that if I was comfortable with it, he didn't care as long as he got to share.

Pitting mother against mother is a ridiculous thing to do, but it served it's purpose I suppose.  EVERYONE seems to be talking about it, and I'm sure Time is flying off the stands, but it still pisses me off a bit.  So look forward to the picture, hopefully I'll get it done today and be able to add it in here.  Until next time...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pregnant dogs are kind of like pregnant people...

So, my big Bear dog is pregnant.  I know, I'm a horrible pet owner, but that heat just snuck up on me before I got the funds together to get her fixed.  As it turns out my little chiweenie Rocco is indeed old enough now to knock her up.  I've had cats have kittens before, but I've never dealt with a pregnant dog.  Cats are so cool about it, they just act totally normal and then when it's time they hide in a closet and you wake up to cute fluffy little kittens.  I ended up last time keeping 2 and that's why I have 6 cats.  Not really though, lol, those cats are about 4 years old now and my youngest kitties are just barely a year and I'm not sure how old but we think about 9 months or so.

  So back to the topic at hand.  She's a good dog, albeit not very well trained, but good personality.  She's got a wonderful knack of letting me know before I have a blood pressure spike or go tachycardic (both happen a little more than I care to admit, but are things I don't usually pay much attention to until it gets bad) by laying her head in my lap.  The dog can be in a sound sleep and still manages to alert me!  Having been pregnant so many times myself, I understand how sometimes you just want to lay around and not alert anyone to anything.  She still finds it in herself to let me know though.  She's become almost clingy. 

  She's a big old shepherd, roughly 80 pounds or so, and she's tried on numerous occasions to climb into my lap.  Some of those times I was holding mr peanuts!  She's coming round the bend and in the homestretch now, we think she's due the first week of June.  It'll be quite an experience, and with my other dogs so needy I'm not sure how I'll be able to keep her calm.  My pitbull mix Lady is an asshat and because she's still so young, she's fucking hyper as all get out, hopefully she'll stay away from the momma dog!  Anyway, I'm about to be a doggy grandma!!  I'm a little excited, my mommy is going to keep one of them providing they are healthy and all, so at least I'll get to see how they grow up.  If anyone actually reads this (which I do have my doubts about) and has any advice on how to deal with the whole whelping part of things please share :)

 I'm in the midst of some interesting gardening creations in my tiny patch of dirt so I'm going to share that in future posts too.

 I'm off to go play with my perfect baby ;)  Until next time...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lentils look like shit if you puree them...

So I made hot dogs for dinner with a new (to me) propane grill that I was gifted and I didn't want to feed mr peanuts all those nitrates and salt and crap.  I decided that I'd at least feed one kid something healthy.

  So I got out my tiny little Paula Dean (sp?) pan and concocted a lentil slush for him.  He normally doesn't like purees at all so I wasn't 100% sure he's actually eat it but I have a pregnant dog so I knew that SOMEONE would and it would be ok.  I took a couple of frozen asparagus stalks, a handful of baby carrots, and a half a cup of so of lentils and cooked it all together with a spoonful of coconut oil for fats.  It smelled good.  Earthy and yummy smelling.  I got out the immersion blender and mushed that crap up.  It looked like diarrhea.  I tasted it, and it was fucking nasty.  Smelled like it'd be good, but to me it wasn't.   It was SOOOOOO bland!!!  I put some garlic powder in it and it tasted better though.  Thing was, mr peanuts had no problem eating it.

  I was a little surprised by that to be honest.  So that was my night time adventure, hot dogs and puree lentil stoup.  I may be off for a while, but I'll be back!  Until next time...