Sunday, May 13, 2012


Yeah, I went there, I all capped that shit AND I used a buttload of punctuation :) But yeah, so uh, happy mother's day.  I'll tell you about mine.

I was up at 3 am listening to the barking fucking chihuahua next door.  Little shit woke the baby up because my dogs couldn't help themselves but to bark back and well, Bear is quite loud.  So R comes wanting to know if I want a "back rub".  I'd guess most of you know what that means.  No honey, my tit is busy soothing mr peanuts back to sleep, sex is the last thing on my mind.  Eventually, after several rounds of twinkle twinkle I got to go back to sleep.

At 7 (normal wake up for mr peanuts is about 8) we're up again.  Raring to go, peanuts climbs on top of me and proceeds to puke all over my shirt.  At least it wasn't on the bed.  I change and we head out to the rest of the house to start the day.  I got the big boys up, Mik (the oldest and only girl) was at my mom's so she probably got to sleep, but I digress.  Of course there was some cat shit on the rug in front of the cat box because my oldest son's cat is gross.  Honestly, I'm a little surprised a dog didn't eat it, the love cat shit.  The coffee pot wasn't ready and the sink was full of dishes so I made a cup of instant and went to watch SNL on hulu.

A couple hours go by and I haven't yelled at anyone yet (shocking I know).  But the thing was, my  mom was coming at what was supposed to be noon.  Noon came and went and I didn't even have the frittata in!  We did get it cleaned up eventually though.  Kind of.

R went off to the store, to pick up the asparagus and some milk and Morgen and I got the pasta salad made and a few other things done.  Mr peanuts was highly uncooperative and refused to let me put him down.  That was ok with me though, it made me take breaks and keep myself from getting too worn out too fast.

Finally, we got my mom over here, and peanut had fallen asleep.  He heard his Nana and was up pretty damn quick though.  He's not super friendly with people.  He actually has a pretty severe case of separation anxiety, although the pediatrician says that's a good thing.  It surprised me that my son who didn't even meet his Nana until he was damn near 6 months old, goes straight to her every time.  He loves the shit out of her.   So she got to hold him right away.  She also got to meet 2 of my 3 dogs she'd never met before. 

While she was here, it was nice.  This was only the second time my mom's been to my house.  It was nice, she didn't have a care one.  She loved the food, she loved being around the kids and all the dogs.  She loved my little Rocco dog, it was fun.  Best of all, mr peanuts called her Nana and meant it.  He knew exactly what to call that lady!  It was too cute.

R just got home from taking her home also, so she stayed for longer than normal.  I'm still waiting to see if I get that "back rub" tonight though, lol. 

What started out to be a kind of crap ass day turned into a really good one.  It was awesome to just relax and not worry about much.  I'm exhausted though, and I know that I will pay for this day for the next week, but it was oh so worth it. 

I'm going to start mamatography next week, so look forward to that, and I want very much to share my little garden with the world so that'll be I'm sure part of it.  On that note, I'm off for tonight.  Until next time...

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