Monday, June 9, 2014

The Ku & The Jones's

There's this app that writes haiku esque type poetry.  I write there a fair amount when I'm feeling poetic.  I'm actually a decent poet, I've had a couple of things published in compilation book, but I never make a big deal out of it because, well, in my life, when you tell people that they either ask you to prove it right then and there (which is ok, I can, but it's rude and makes me feel like everyone just assumes I lie about things like that) or they have to one up me and tell me something that they've done that's even more cool or wow worthy and I'm not all about that shit.

The whole world isn't about playing "keeping up with the joneses".  If you don't know the term, it's a game people play where they have to make sure that if you have something, they have it one step better.  Or one step worse depending on the situation.  Funny how an app that I write random poetry on led me here huh?  It seems like everyone I know is like that.  About literally everything.  Good and bad.  If I have something good happen, someone I know has to have something ten times better.  If I am sick, then someone I know has to be 100 times more sick and knocking on death's door.  Just to prove that they have it better or worse.  Why do people do this to each other?  I've not known EVERYONE in the world to be this way, just a certain set of people that are now just about the only people I have to deal with on the reg.  From the people I live with to the few people I don't live with and just have contact with regularly.  I don't get the game.  I'm the poorest person I know.  But I haven't always been.  There's been times in my life that I had a little extra to share and I did with the people I've asked for help from.  Most of them don't have a penny to spare for me, while doing home redecorations and going antiquing on the weekends.  But when I was the one that had a little more, I helped them out no problem.  Sometimes to the dtrement of my family, unfortunately.  So this just confuses me to no end.  What makes people feel the need to compete with me over anything at all?  I am not a competionworthy kind of human being and the coolest things I've done in my life are my kids.  In this breeder society, a fuckton of people have done that and  hell of a lot of them are better at it than me.  So maybe, people could go keep up with those Jones's instead of me.  If i'm not making sense to you, it's ok, I;m just venting again because people are weird and I'm really feeling sad that so many people would feel like making me feel even worse about my fucked up life would be fun for them.  HOW could that possibly make anyone feel better knowing how already fucked up my life is.  But I guess if that's what floats your boat, more power to ya, can't make my life any worse.

On that I'm going to go get some henna ready because it's about that time for my daughter and I, I'm going to leave you with a few of my Ku poems, and...

Until next time....

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