Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mamatography 2014, Week two...

Ok, I lied, the posts are going to come every Sunday.  I really did mean to do it yesterday, but Maxwell had his little birthday party yesterday and I just plain don't feel well.  You can read my middle of the night post for an explanation on that!

So here goes, my week in pictures :)

Memphis accidentally bit me so I had a bleeding cut on my nipple. I absolutely HATE to pump, but if was kind of forced into it, because it just hurt too damn much to have him nurse from that side for the first day or two. He decided that he needed to pump himself as well, so not only did I catch a little video of it that I might upload to YouTube, I got a few pics too!

This is my oldest son Morgen, we were having our morning coffee, and he's texting his fiancé Angie.  Incidentally, Morgen means morning in German and that's how he got his name. He was going to be Camilla, but he had a penis and I needed a boy name in a hurry and since he was born in the morning, well, he's Morgen.  With an E (he always has to tell people that).

The next morning, our big dog Bear, who weighs about 85 pounds decided to join us for coffee time.  She also decided that she would be joining us on Morgen's lap.  She is NOT lap dog sized!

I went up another size in my bottom earlobe piercing, so that is now a 14 gauge, the same size as my navel ring.  It feels kind of heavy, but I love the way they look and I think it makes it look less strange than when I had facial piercings and wasn't wearing any earrings.

I got my really awesome free brag book from photo. I had a code that even made the shipping free, so I've got another brag book to show off my kids when I go out (which is almost never lol). I plan on taking it to my Dr Preciado appointment on Thursday though, so at least I'll get to actually show it off somewhere instead do just looking at it myself!

Here comes the horrible part of my week. On Maxwell's birthday of all days, before school even started, he was on the playground and was attacked by a bully.  There were duty aids standing right there, but they were texting or playing whatever they were playing on their phones and they were not doing their jobs.  This is the second time this kid has attacked my son, but the first time he had a friend there with him that stopped the bully before anything physical happened. This time he was alone and not as lucky.  He is not a small kid, but has been taught not to fight so because there were adults nearby he called out for help.  It took too long for the "adults" to come to his aid and physical damage was done.  We brought him home from school and waited all day for the principal to call us and let us know that the bully had been dealt with, only to be told that she would not release any information about the child's punishment, because it was a "violation of the child's privacy and not of our concern".  I feel that it is very much my concern since he attacked my child and I think I have every right to know how or even if the child was punished. This happened on Friday and it's a three day weekend so he goes back to school on Tuesday.  I have no idea how to handle this. Here is some of the damage (there is two pictures for this day)

On a much lighter note, Maxwell's birthday party was the next day and although attendance was very low (mainly because his cousins were sick and couldn't come) he had a great time. Here's the spread for that.

And last, but certainly not least, I have a gratuitous breastfeeding pic for you, since it's still such a huge part of my life and I spend SO MUCH time just like this...

So that was my week, I hope you all had a great week and that I see you back next week for week three!  Or any other time I post for that matter, because I really love this whole blogging gig and being able to share a little bit of my life with the world!
Until next time...

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Momma Jorje said...

Love your pics! And your son's... sudden name. :) Awesome.

Thanks so much for participating this year!

Lois Griffin said...

Thank you! And thank you so much for including me :) I've always loved your blog & feel honored to be a participant!

The Princess Poet said...

Hello! I'm sorry max is being bullied it's awful. I think the principal is wrong. It is your concern. Glad he had a good time at his party too!

Luschka said...

Oh, that is so distressing - and to have a whole weekend pass unable to do anything. How stressful. I hope that's resolved now?