Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So I must apologize for my lack of posting!  It's been a long week, lol.  My daughter turned 18, and I got the pleasure (sarcasm) of discovering that my lovely ex, her sperm donor petitioned the state to cease her support.  Even though she's 18, she still lives at home and has not finished high school.  Normally, support would be continued if the child was still in school, but he petitioned out of it.  Top that off with the fact that he didn't pay last weeks support or the week before and she is pissed.  She feels like he was just itching to get rid of his obligation.  Poor kid.  It's a good thing she's got her real dad here to make up for it. 

I also had a massive cervical spine migraine that lasted 3 days, that shit was tons of fun.  It's pretty much subsided with just a few symptoms hanging on.  Unfortunately there is nothing besides drugs to be done.  I like drugs :) 

Moving on, and speaking of moving, we've got some of the house ready and a ton left to do but it's all coming together.  My wonderful sis in law is gonna come help us this week and I'm excited!  We don't get to hang out nearly enough and her daughter is about the best helper and influence on my girl I just love the shit outta them both!

I tried to get some pics of the recent eclipse but my camera sucks ass so here's just a pic of the sun lol

Well, I'm in a really pissy mood so I think I'll close for now, but hopefully I'll get my head on straight and deal with things better tomorrow and post then.  Until next time...

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