Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Raven...

"Once upon a midnight dreary,
While I pondered weak and weary,
O'er a many quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore..."

Edgar Allen Poe is one of my favorite poets, so that's going by memory (gods forbid without google!) forgive me if it failed by a few words.

When I moved into this house, barely over a year ago, I was shocked by the amount of ravens in the neighborhood.  It doesn't bother me, I love animals.  Then one morning when my Bear dog was still just a pup of a thing she went about nuts barking at something.  It was a fledgling raven that  had fallen from a nest in my giant pine tree in my backyard.  We took a broom handle and put it back in the branches and that was that.  That same raven still visits us, and sits in the tree in the front when it's quiet.

Three days ago, we noticed another baby raven.  This one's a bit younger, a bit less ready to  have left it's nest, but there it was on the ground.  I don't like to touch them because I'm kind of a germaphobe, so I grabbed the broom and put him on the roof.  A couple hours later, the damn thing was back in my yard.  So this time, I put it in the front yard on the tree.  Shortly after that, it was BACK!  So we left it alone.  I have three dogs, one of which loves to eat birds, so we had to make sure that the bird was safe from Lady.  I put it in the side yard where the pooches can't go and thought it would find it's way back.

All the while, it's parents are screaming at us, and throwing pine cones and sticks and everything they can get their beaks on to throw.  Eventually, I went back out and gave it some water.  We've been watching the dogs so they'll leave it alone and I think it's parents realize we mean no harm.  Every time I remove it from my yard it just comes right back! 

I managed to snap a pic of the little fella :)

 I was woken up this morning by this guy standing under my bedroom window squawking.  His parents were no where to be seen, so I chopped up a hard boiled egg and gave it to him.  He loved it, and a couple hours later I saw his parents on the ground with him feeding him too.  Finally!  It took me going out and feeding it before they would.  For smart birds, they sure are stupid.

So, that is my adventure with the raven.  We'll see how soon it leaves or if it does.  I'm sure it'll be able to fly soon, and I assume they keep bringing it back here because my yard is safe.  I also wonder if one of the parents is the fledgling we saved last year.  It'd be pretty cool if it was!

Until next time...

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