Friday, May 4, 2012

Pregnant dogs are kind of like pregnant people...

So, my big Bear dog is pregnant.  I know, I'm a horrible pet owner, but that heat just snuck up on me before I got the funds together to get her fixed.  As it turns out my little chiweenie Rocco is indeed old enough now to knock her up.  I've had cats have kittens before, but I've never dealt with a pregnant dog.  Cats are so cool about it, they just act totally normal and then when it's time they hide in a closet and you wake up to cute fluffy little kittens.  I ended up last time keeping 2 and that's why I have 6 cats.  Not really though, lol, those cats are about 4 years old now and my youngest kitties are just barely a year and I'm not sure how old but we think about 9 months or so.

  So back to the topic at hand.  She's a good dog, albeit not very well trained, but good personality.  She's got a wonderful knack of letting me know before I have a blood pressure spike or go tachycardic (both happen a little more than I care to admit, but are things I don't usually pay much attention to until it gets bad) by laying her head in my lap.  The dog can be in a sound sleep and still manages to alert me!  Having been pregnant so many times myself, I understand how sometimes you just want to lay around and not alert anyone to anything.  She still finds it in herself to let me know though.  She's become almost clingy. 

  She's a big old shepherd, roughly 80 pounds or so, and she's tried on numerous occasions to climb into my lap.  Some of those times I was holding mr peanuts!  She's coming round the bend and in the homestretch now, we think she's due the first week of June.  It'll be quite an experience, and with my other dogs so needy I'm not sure how I'll be able to keep her calm.  My pitbull mix Lady is an asshat and because she's still so young, she's fucking hyper as all get out, hopefully she'll stay away from the momma dog!  Anyway, I'm about to be a doggy grandma!!  I'm a little excited, my mommy is going to keep one of them providing they are healthy and all, so at least I'll get to see how they grow up.  If anyone actually reads this (which I do have my doubts about) and has any advice on how to deal with the whole whelping part of things please share :)

 I'm in the midst of some interesting gardening creations in my tiny patch of dirt so I'm going to share that in future posts too.

 I'm off to go play with my perfect baby ;)  Until next time...

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