Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yeah, I'm a drama queen...

I totally admit it, I have a flair for the dramatic.  Most people already know this about me I imagine.  Or maybe not.  I don't know.  Anyway, I feel better than I did the last time I posted I guess.  Not by a fuck of a lot, but I'm trying.  If I don't force myself to be "normal" to a degree I'll just lay here and die and I can't do that to my kids so I'm putting effort into not being depressed.

In all truth I DO have a few reasons that I might be depressed though, so it's not like I just woke up one day and went "hmmm, I think I'll just whack out for no reason".

Moving on, Max and I have been growing and creating left and right, I don't have too many pics of such things but I'll tell you a few.  We have some black coleus that just sprouted, I'll post pics as soon as you can tell what they are.  We've been trying to be in the pool a bit more :)  The water is too cold for my liking this end of the summer but next summer we'll have another solar blanket for it so it'll be warm (yay!!).

We've made some lotion bars and home made lip balm with our beeswax.  (recipes at end of blog) I think we're going to try a batch of 15 hour bread tomorrow to go with the beef stew I'm making for dinner but I'm not sure if I'm up for the clean up aspect of all that! 

So, as you can tell, I'm back to as normal as I get lol!

Until next time...

Lotion Bars
Equal parts beeswax, coconut oil, and almond or olive oil (I used olive)

Melt over double boiler
pour into molds and let harden
rub lightly over hands and rub in

Lip balm
Equal parts beeswax and coconut oil
crystal light packet or koolaid/other flavored and sweetened drink mix

melt over double boiler, add drink mix to flavor and color as desired as was is melting so that the granules melt as well
pour into molds and let harden

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