Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home Made Bath Crayons...

I figured that I would post a tutorial here because I've been doing all kinds of fun shit.  Sewing mostly, but my 6 year old wanted some bath crayons and we had all the stuff here.

First we took a plain bar of ivory soap and grated it up.

Then we added about a half a cup of hot water.

My six year old didn't want to get his hands "icky" so I tried to stir with a spoon but it didn't work very well so I had to knead it with my hands.

His favorite color of the day is orange, so we added a few drops of red food coloring and a few drops of yellow.  I mixed it again and got it ready to put in the muffin tin.

It made about 6 muffin tin shaped crayons because we couldn't find the cookie cutters and frankly, I didn't give a crap what shape they were since they'll end up all over my shower walls anyway.

The instructional that I have says that it takes 2 days to dry, but I have them on my patio that's about 106 degrees right now so I'm pretty sure they'll be dry by tomorrow.  I'll let you guys know how it worked out and post some pics of the boys playing with them!  If they're that easy to make and use, I'm sure I'll make more soon in other colors.

Until next time...

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Lois Griffin said...

I realized I never updated this post! The orange didn't show up great on our yellow tile, but did on the bathtub :) We made blue and purple the next time and tried to hand shape them like crayons. It did not turn out well and they ended up looking quite a bit like turds, so uh, I didn't take any pictures of them LOL! The next theme we did any knd of color fun in the bath I let them paint with colored shaving foam.