Monday, June 24, 2013

Water Water Everywhere...

Yeah, I live in the desert.  It's hot here and I grew up drinking water with no problem.  In fact, as kids we were only allowed one soda a day if we were good and only at dinner if we ate what mom told us to.  I carry a water bottle wherever I go.  Like, literally everywhere. I don't even have to be going more than two blocks away and I've got my water with me.  My sons on the other hand won't drink anything that isn't flavored.  So I have a HELL of a time getting anything not carbonated or sugar filled into any of them.

Morgen will occasionally drink plain ice water but it's rare.  In the very heat of the summer, he takes water bottles with him, but at home, it's soda or juice or a punch type drink.  Maxwell will literally gag on plain water.  He's such a drama queen it's ridiculous and I want to laugh at him when he does it, but I try to hold back for the sake of the other children.  Then there's little Mr Peanuts aka Memphis.  His drink of choice is without a doubt boobies, but there are the times when it's not possible or practical.  Like when I'm not around, or when we're at the bus stop and the bus is just at the next light and he swears he is going to die if he doesn't get something to drink.

So there is a constant dilemma in our house as to how to get the boys to drink plain water.  It's a non issue with my daughter, she'll drink water all day long, but the boys we have to sneak it in.  So we've taken to those little bottles of water flavoring.   You know the kind right?  The little squeeze bottle, that you can put however much you'd like in there.  We've figured that a tiny bit of flavor and sugar in a whole lot of water has got to be better than a bunch or no water at all (which Maxwell has done on more than one occasion).  I was very fortunate to stumble upon the chance to try a newish product and I'm glad to say that the boys LOVE IT!!

Mio Fit sent us a full size sample to try out for free, plus some coupons to try out some other flavors as well at our leisure because these little bottles taste best if used within a month of opening.  I'm positive ours won't last that long with all three boys drinking it, and I'm sure when I go to Los Angeles on Thursday I'll have a bottle or two myself. There is a regular Mio, but the Mio Fit has electrolytes and B vitamins, so it's got a little extra!  We got the Arctic Grape flavored and I think it tastes great, not too sweet, and just enough tart.  It's tasty and refreshing when cold, but Max didn't like it when it got room temperature, so I'll just make sure to keep his portions a bit smaller.

On a side note, I have been getting out quite a bit the last little bit.  My sister in law is in school to be a med tech and I went to school with her one night to volunteer as a pin cushion.  I'm going to be honest here...hers were great and didn't hurt a bit, left no bruise and on the one arm didn't even leave a mark the next day.  The other arm another lady had taken a turn and where as she didn't do anything wrong and did just as good of a job, did not have NEARLY as gentle a touch and it hurt a bit, plus, that one stick in the three left a little bit of a bruise.

I also got a very generous birthday gift and was able to go get my hair cut for the first time in FIVE YEARS. Yep you read that right, FIVE YEARS!!!  That my friends is a blog all in its self, but I will say it took two  hours and the guy was great fun.  He did exactly what I wanted and I love the cut, plus it wasn't extreme or dramatic, but just enough of a lift to make me feel really good about myself.  I'm very thankful for my early birthday presents :)  I also got a really pretty green and white tie die sun dress that I can't wait to wear for more than just a walk around the block, I have a Dr. appointment on my actual birthday so I might wear it that day just to be festive, lol.   That and it makes me feel pretty.

I got rid of five of the puppies.  My daughter talked me into keeping one for herself and I'd fallen in love with that little tan male very early on and was pretty sure he was going to be staying.  Don't judge, I'm pretty sure my dogs are all that keeps us from getting robbed and that's no joke.  Both of my next door neighbors have been broken into plus 7 others on my street, I'm keeping my dogs, lol.  Last night was their first night "on the loose" and it was glorious.  I'll tell you, two puppies playing with their older sister under my bed is SO MUCH better than seven screaming puppies at hourly intervals starting at 4 am.  That, and they're turning out to be a lot like Tinker in that they are already pretty much puddle pad trained, so stepping in puppy shit was a non issue.

With that, I'm going to leave you to go discuss full moons and Juniper bushes with my son Maxwell as we plan to have a candle circle in the backyard tonight in honor of the super moon (and yes I know that was last night but Memphis has been throw up sick and I didn't want to deal with that last night too).  Until next time...

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