Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adventures in cloth diapering...

  When I was pregnant with mr peanuts, I had every intention of exclusively cloth diapering the little fella.  So I ordered a "starter set" of pre folds and figured after the meconium stage was over I'd make the switch.  Well, I'd been gifted a shit ton of newborn pampers so I had to use those up.

  Along about the time he was 8 weeks or so we were finally out of pampers so I got out the cloth to prep and prepped away.  I thought I knew what I was doing, I really did.  I was wrong.  From the get go I was unhappy with my choice, and more importantly HE was unhappy.  He almost immediately got a red butt because he pees about every 10 seconds and was ALWAYS wet.

  I had only gotten 2 dozen so after the first day I realized diapering a newborn in cloth very well may not be cost efficient in Los Angeles county with the cost of water.  Anyway, moving on.  They were so fucking bulky, the poor kid couldn't close his legs at all and it rubbed his umbilical hernia so much it got a little sore on it.

  So being that we had used up our disposables I had to have R run up to the store to pick up a pack.  I thought I'd failed.  I decided to say screw it and just use the pre folds for burp rags.  Mr peanuts has a nasty case of reflux and a bad habit of puking through the whole 2 dozen every other day or so.

  At tax return time I found a great deal on an off brand of pocket diapers with 2 inserts each and got 10.  I was rather excited when they got here and soon realized I didn't have to do the 5 wash prep for the micro fiber inserts and we started to cloth diaper.  The os pockets are fantastic, the only problem I ever have with them is that he's a heavy wetter and leaks at night.  So at night he wears a disposable.  Other than that I love them.  It never fails though, the instant I put the dipes in to wash he shits.  This kid only shits like twice a week but it never fails!!!  I know now if he's constipated to do wash lol.  I found a great deal on disposables last week and I've been very lazy the last few days but what do you know, the INSTANT I put him in cloth he shits!

Until next time....

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